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Teri Brown - Young Adult Author

About me

I write both historical and contemporary adult and young adult fiction and have worked with editors from both Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins. My work has been translated into French, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese and Italian. I’ve also been published numerous times in Writer’s Digest Magazine and my nonfiction credits include a diverse catalog of publications such as Dog Fancy, Backpacker, Women’s Health and Fitness, Oregon Coast Magazine and the Disney Online Family.

In addition to my writing, I’m a writing instructor for Portland Community College’s Community Education Program. My classes run the gamut from plotting to novel writing to creativity to writing young adult novels. I’ve also taught an assortment of writing workshops for a variety of groups.

In other words, I’m a professional author and an experienced educator and I love to coach/teach.

What I’m offering:

Developmental Manuscript Editing that comes in the form of comments within the manuscript, an editorial letter posing overarching story questions, and advice to sharpen your manuscript’s prose, plot, and character development. I charge:
Novellas up to 35,000 words: $300.00

Complete Manuscripts up to 70,000 words: $500.00 (USD)

Complete Manuscripts between 70,000-100,000: $650.00

Proposal Editing: thirty pages, your query letter and your synopsis: $100.00

NEW!  Because of my love for teaching, I have added a new program! Coaching! Now you can receive personalized help with an ongoing manuscript. A six month commitment in which you and I work together on a single ongoing project. Each month, I'll critique 50 pages of manuscript, provide a detailed 2-3 page teaching/editorial letter and a 20-30 minute phone call. The overall cost for this is $900.00, payable in monthly installments of $150.00.

The fine print: (You knew there had to be fine print, right?)

  • The fee is due after I receive the signed contract and, of course, your manuscript! It takes a lot of time and effort to critique a manuscript and I promise to give you the very best that I have. However, please understand that while I’ll be praising what you’ve done well, I’ll also be telling you what can be improved and you may not always agree with my assessment. You’re paying me for my expertise and truth and that is what I’ll deliver. That said, even the best critiques can’t guarantee that mistakes won’t slip through. My published works have been through multiple rounds of editing by multiple editors and copy editors and I still find the occasional error!
  • I need a five page writing sample before I can commit to work with you. If I do not believe the manuscript is a good match for my talents, I will give you other options or referrals.
  • I’ll give you a turnaround window depending on my availability. That window includes a two week, “Oops” time due to circumstances beyond my control. However, I’ll keep you apprised of any problems on my end.
  • The same applies for coaching except the fee structure is obviously different. We set up a working calendar, hammer out our contractual obligations and once the first month's installment is paid, we get started!

Contact me at Teri@teribrownbooks.com

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