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Teri Brown - Young Adult Author


Teri's popular writing classes at Portland Community College are back this winter!

Plot Your Novel!

Writing a novel is like building a house-everything depends on a solid foundation. Discover what makes one plot work while another crumbles. Bring your story ideas. For writers of all stages.

Build your novel's foundation by blending the techniques of plotting gurus such as Cathy Yardly, Donald Maas and Martha Alderson

Sylvania Campus / TCB / 208   7:00 PM-08:50 PM Tu 17-Jan-2017 thru 07-Feb-2017


So You Want to Write YA: Basics of Writing For Teens

Create compelling and relatable characters and learn the two-sentence method for plotting. Turn ideas into workable concepts using proven techniques, and write the books that teens want to read.

Sylvania Campus / TCB / 208 07:00 PM-08:50 PM Tu 21-Feb-2017 thru 14-Mar-2017

Velvet Undercover Won an Oregon Spirit Honor Award! This is given by the Oregon Council of English Teachers and is such an honor!



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