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Experienced. Collaborative. Insightful.

Experienced: I am the multi-published author of adult and young adult novels and former writing instructor for Portland Community College’s Community Education program where I taught plot, structure, and creativity to new writers, experienced writers and everyone in between. The sum of those experiences is offered to you in the form of thoughtful, enriching and positive feedback on your manuscript.

Collaborative: As a writer, I have collaborated with some of the best editors and agents in the business. The foundational training I received on mutual respect, creativity, and commitment to story is at the heart of how I work with authors. The stories you send me are the culmination of your ideas, experiences, voice and creativity, and I am here to collaborate with you to make that story the very best it can be—for you and your future readers.

Insightful: With over twenty years in the publishing business, I can intuitively spot issues with structure, characterization, pacing, and much more. My comments are designed to support, uplift, and nurture your own innate writing talent.

Editing Services

Includes line-by-line copy and developmental editing, as well as notes on how to truly sell your work. A standard proposal consists of a query letter and synopsis, as well as sample chapters, and I can help you sharpen all three. Starting at $350.00 for 60 double spaced pages.

Developmental Editing
As a developmental editor, I can help you mold your book or proposal into the very best version of itself. My developmental editing services includes a line-by-line look at structure, plot, pacing, and readability, as well as a comprehensive editorial letter outlining tips and suggestions. Starting at $1000.00 per 50,000 words.

Coaching Services

As a baby writer, I depended on the kindness of others to teach, mentor, and critique my work. Many times, I was frustrated by my own lack of knowledge about creativity, crafting a novel, and the publishing business. Now, with 20 years of experience under my belt, I often think, if only I knew then what I know now… As a coach, I can offer short critiques, personal Zoom sessions, and teaching tailored to fit your needs.

Coaching Packages

So by now you know that I am Experienced, Collaborative, Insightful and absolutely committed to story. How about you? Are you ready to commit to and invest in your craft?

Accountability Acolyte Package: This four-week package is designed to motivate and inspire you to overcome your own blocks and develop a regular writing practice. This package includes you sending me ten pages to read each week followed by a 30 minute Zoom call to discuss them. Yes, that means you must write ten pages a week. See, accountability! During these calls, we will discuss the pacing, structure, tension, conflict, etc., of your pages, and your writing will benefit from my expertise and encouragement. The Acolyte package is $400.00 for the full four weeks. (Forty read pages and two hours total Zoom calls.) (This will include a verbal assessment of the pages only.)

Writing Sensei Program

Coming soon!

Policy Notes:

  1. All pages need to be formatted with 12 point font, double spaced.
  2. Payment through Paypal, half on signing, half before delivery.
  3. No refunds.
  4. For the Acolyte Program only: Life happens. I get that. You will receive a one week grace period if you let me know 24 hours in advance that you can’t make the zoom call. I will then make up the week at the end of your month. Any missed time over that will not be made up.


Shannon Cave, Author of Venus Envy and The Kiss Test

Teri Brown is the best combination of encourager and skilled editor! I can count on her to offer suggestions and comments that will make my writing better and bring my stories to life. She’s thorough, honest, and always has my best interests in mind. I love most that she’s a great communicator when it comes to things I can improve on, but also makes sure to tell me what’s working for the book! I’ll definitely work with Teri again!

Kerry Blaisdell, the bestselling author of the acclaimed and award-winning Dead Series, recommended for fans of TV shows like Supernatural.

Teri is an awesome editor, and a pleasure to work with! As a developmental editor, she has helped me hone multiple books, including my debut novel, DEBRIEFING THE DEAD, the first in my now acclaimed Dead Series. Due in large part to her feedback, it has won several prestigious awards, earned a 4.35 average star rating on Goodreads, and became a bestseller on Amazon. Her writing career advice is spot-on, and her inspiration and support helped carry me through the tough times. If not for her, I wouldn’t be a multi-published author today!

Jean Harkin, author of Night in Alcatraz and Other Uncanny Tales and the upcoming novel Promise Full of Thorns

A huge shout out of thanks to the editor of my debut novel, Teri Brown, who encouraged me during a major revision and had faith in my book, chapter by chapter. Her friendly and knowledgeable guidance and thoughtful reading made editing and revising my book a joyful pursuit. She enabled me to go deeper into my story through techniques that allow the reader to experience the feelings, thoughts, and motivations inside a character’s head.

Tirzah Hawkins, Author of Spidersight

Hiring Teri Brown for editing was one of the best things I have done to improve my writing. I’ve been writing for almost thirty years now. During that time, I have taken many writing classes from different institutions. It’s one thing to have someone tell you to incorporate all five senses into your writing, and it’s another thing for them to show you how. Teri was great at giving suggestions that would make the story stronger or make it easier for the reader to become immersed in the story. She helped me take a good story and make it great. I get so many compliments about my writing since working with Teri. I’ll definitely be working with Teri again in the future. Investing in editing services from her was one of the best investments I’ve made for my books.

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