I have more hats than shoes.

Now I’m not a shoe person. My daughter has stacks of kicks in her closet and I know people who pay for extra luggage on the plane just for their shoes. That’s not me. Even so, I have collected a lot of shoes over the years, but for the first time ever, I have more hats than shoes. Here are just a few of the hats I find myself wearing lately:

  • Writer hat
  • Author hat
  • Promoting hat
  • Marketing hat
  • Public relations hat
  • Social Media hat
  • Administrative hat

And that doesn’t even include the other hats I wear in my personal life like:

  • Wife hat
  • Mom hat
  • Gardner hat
  • Chef’s hat
  • Activist Hat
  • Cleaning lady hat
  • Workout hat
  • Crazy cat lady hat

Some of my hats I wear at the same time like that dude in Caps for Sale. caps

Others, like my activist hat, are getting dusty.

Even though I didn’t have any idea I would be wearing all these hats, they are hats that are important to me. I choose to wear them instead of putting them in a box. I just wish I was better at tracking them and knowing which hat I’m supposed to wear when.

What about you? How many hats do you wear? Any tips on how to organize them?