It was a good week in spite of the fact that my love was doing his due diligence at the Powder House. Oh, who am I kidding, dude went to ski at Anthony Lakes with one of our best friends! And ski, he did. Looks absolutely incredible. If I liked skiing. Actually, it just looks cold. But hey, if that what makes him happy.

Even if he’s not painting like I would like him to, he is ridding the house of the mice who’ve decided to move in. With the house empty so much of the time, the rodents thought it was a good place to winter. They thought wrong. He should be home tomorrow for a week or so before heading back to supervise the installation of the new sink and counter tops. I miss it over there, but I’m not much for driving in the snow even if someone else is driving, so I’m fine waiting for a long April weekend.

Back to it being a good week, though. Writing is going so well and I am so grateful. It took six months for me to figure out how to carve time in my day to write regularly, but I have finally found my rhythm. My YA proposal is still making the rounds, my contemporary is on a temporary pause and I am working on a quick turnaround historical. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s a time period I am not that familiar with so the research is intensive, but I am just loving it. I’ll be diving in this weekend.

I also just finished up week two of the Couch to 5k program. C2K is my go to running restart program. It gets me to where I want to be gradually without injury. I’m a slow runner and I will always be a slow runner. I occasionally do intervals or Tabata training to get my heart rate up for conditioning, but I prefer the meditative rhythm of keeping on keeping on. My favorite distance is four to six miles and I am SUPER excited to get there again.  I’ve been trying to do at home workouts to increase my strength and stamina, but you know, puppy… I managed a yoga session last week and a cardio session this week. With Wyatt’s help, both were painful and hysterical.

It was a nice, easy food week as the hubby was gone. I made elk meatball stroganoff one evening and a big salad the next. Then leftovers and a trip to our local tamale place. Tonight, I’m going to make a sweet and sour sauce, add the meatballs not used in the stroganoff and serve over rice. Tomorrow, I’m making Birria tacos with chili broth and a banana cream pie for hubby’s return and later in the week, I’m making spicy glazed mustard wings and baked joe joes. There’s another recipe in the NYT food section on Korean soy-glazed pork belly that looks really good, but am going to go for Savory Thai noodles with seared brussels sprouts as I’m trying to make two or three vegetarian meals a week now. It’s good for us, the planet and all creatures great and small. And it’s delicious!

I could have added reading and resistance to the title, as I am reading Caste by Isabella Wilkerson and The Art of Possibilities by Rosamund Zander. Both are wonderful and Caste should be required reading. And I resumed my almost daily civic engagement. I can’t really call it resistance now because we’re working for something instead of just doing damage control. Equity across environments, climate change mitigation, the end human suffering, long term voting rights… so much work to do. The day job has been incredibly exciting as well… I have the best team and some of the projects I am working on are so awesome… but that’s for another blog.

So there, you have it in a nutshell… running, writing and recipes. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!