So Wyatt Earp decided that 5 hours was enough sleep and woke me up at 2:00 AM ready to play. Of course, now he’s asleep while I’m wide awake so I figured I’d write a random blog about random stuff. I’m not going to write about the current politics or insurrection because it’s 5:30 in the morning and I am trying to hold the anxiety at bay for as long as possible, so random stuff it is.

I am plowing ahead, trying to encourage my core feelings of intentionality, alignment, freedom, affirmation and accomplishment. Easier said then done given the aforementioned political climate. But…I feel some small, stirrings of hope. A bit of lightness around the spirit that I haven’t felt in quite some time.

My job is a great source of satisfaction and affirmation. I know I am doing good work, that what I do makes a difference. My manager affirms me and I am able to be wildly creative. I’ll hit my six-month mark on the 3rd of February and will be considered a vested employee of the state of Oregon. BOOM! I’m running a lot of student workshops this week and I love interacting with them—even if it is virtually. And I am really happy to be able to support teachers during this time. God bless em… they need the support.

I am also writing on a more regular basis. It is more important than ever that I invest in my creativity before it completely dries up and blows away. I’d hate to finish the Powder House writing studio only to be unable to write! I have a proposal out on submission and am discussing my next moves with my agent. In the meantime, I am working on a novel different than anything I have ever written… it’s not a serious novel, but something completely trite and fun.  It feels good. I have another idea percolating that is far more complex… I think I’ll wait for a bit for that one. I’m thinking fun and frothy is a good choice for this moment in time.

In Teri’s adventures in cooking, I spent the last week making soup or meals that can be made into soup because tis the season. Made a roast chicken the other night with veggies and a side citrus salad with fennel and olives. Plan on turning the chicken into black bean tostada and adding the chicken fat drenched roasted veggies to lentil soup for lunches. I’m getting fatter by the day, but am struggling to care.

Oh! I found a cool APP for those of us obsessed with keeping our house tidy. It’s called TODY and it breaks the house down by rooms and has a preprogrammed list of chores for each one that you can customize. You can also choose how long between dustings, or sweepings, etc. I LOVE it. I know, I’m weird. Cap sun, Virgo rising, so leave me to my lists! 😊

Okay, I need to switch laptops… I want to work early today so I can flex a nap in there sometime. That is, if Wyatt allows it.