My love and I were slated to go to the Powder House last weekend to tromp through the forest with friends, put up a wee tree and some lights. We weren’t going to go all out because we are only going to be there a couple of days over Christmas and then I probably won’t be going over for a month or so.

Unfortunately, I woke up at two am sick, (reaction to a new reflux medication), and we had to cancel the trip. I basically did nothing on Saturday except make a batch of bourbon balls while my husband ran around doing holiday errands. I felt much better Sunday, whipped up a batch of ginger scones, wrapped about a gazillion gifts, finished the holiday letter and delivered the Christmas books to our nieces and nephews. We also surprised my daughter with coffee and scones for breakfast, which was lovely even if we mostly waved through the door. Along with the rest of America, we don’t get to see family much right now.

Speaking of which, my daughter and I texted a lot about what to do for Christmas. My son and his family have already had Covid. It’s been over 20 days and will be longer by the time they come for Christmas. Everything I have read (CDC and WHO) says the chances of them getting it again and being infectious are extremely low. My daughter and her boyfriend, however have not had it, and that would put us up to 9 people in the house. Neither my daughter or I are comfortable with that—my mom is 84 and has COPD—so we’re going to skip the family event and meet with each family individually. We planned out several different scenarios…meeting at a park for an impromptu happy hour, setting up a canopy outside, meeting inside, but having mom wear a mask or stay in her room.  We’re still plotting.

Yesterday was a blur. I did manage to get in a quick 25 minute walk and a really good meditation session but my zen was ruined by having to stand in line for an hour at the post office. It’s amazing how many people still don’t adhere to the six-foot guidelines. After that, I had to run to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for mom, grab some brussels for a recipe and get the photos from Walgreens for a gift I’m putting together for my grand-daughter.

I got home in time to make an amazing lemony chicken sheet pan dinner that’s definitely a keeper. Mom agreed.

I’ll finish up my holiday baking in the next few days. Not really doing much this year as we aren’t having our usual get-togethers. My husband mentioned that we’ve seen almost all of our favorite holiday shows already and he can’t remember the last time we’ve been able to do that. I told him that’s because we’re not meeting friends for festive happy hours or dinners. We’re not going to the Nutcracker or the Festival of Lights or ugly sweater parties. We’re staying home and watching TV. We even canceled an outdoor bonfire with friend. It’s a Covid Christmas and adjustments are being made to keep the people we love safe. It’s not bad, it’s just very, very different.