For us, Like many others across the US, Thanksgiving was a quiet affair. Just my mom, hubby and doggy. I woke up before everyone else and did some early morning research. It’s a tradition for us to give money to a Native American organization on Thanksgiving and I wanted one that was specifically for Covid relief. Reparations, yo.

I’d made cinnamon rolls Wednesday night after arriving at the Powder House and hubby and I took them to our neighbors early on Thanksgiving Day to have with their coffee, tea or whatever they drink to wake up in the mornings. Then we went to a field and let our girl run. A big, sweet puppy came lumbering over and we spent quite a while looking for the owner. I really wanted that dog and when we found his home, I wish we’d just kept him. What a sweet boy he was.

I took a nap and then got to cooking. We did a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey and it was the best turkey I’ve ever eaten. The buttermilk brine is genius. Of course, since it was just a breast, it only took an hour… and everything else took an hour as well, so I was hustling. The brussels sprouts with the pomegranate molasses got away from me, but they were still good. We were so full, we never got to the pie and I have a sinking feeling that I forgot the sugar…we’ll find out when someone goes to have pie for breakfast! Oh, well. They can have chocolate mousse which turned out perfectly.  Or leftover cinnamon rolls. I just know the turkey sandwiches with this uncooked cranberry sauce are going to be epic.

I don’t know whether it was too many cocktails (homemade spiced orange syrup, Blueland gin, Triples Sec and tonic water… YUM), too much food, or too much worry, but I couldn’t sleep last night. I was up and down from 12:45 on which bums me out because I wanted to go hiking with my husband and have a winter picnic somewhere. I don’t think I’m going to be up for hiking.

I really wanted to get some painting done, too, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, either.  This annoys me as the living room isn’t quite half done and I need to start on the kitchen cabinets before the countertops and new sink go in in January. But then, we bought a place here so we could play, not just work…

But first a nap.