Weird week. In fact, I don’t even remember it all. What happened Monday? Tuesday? I dunno. Seriously, there is so much news happening so fast that I can’t remember it all, not to mention the banal things I’ve done. I cooked a lot, I know that. Five dinners since Sunday. Some really good recipes. Except I don’t remember them.

Maybe I blog to remind myself what I’ve done.

I do remember completely screwing up at work… after hours of figuring out MS Publisher and putting together my first newsletter for two counties in my region, I finally sent it out… and forgot to remove TEST 1 from the subject line. That was neat.

My insomnia was bad this week and so far, medication hasn’t touched it. I do know that emotionally, I was very up and down and my mood swings are directly related to how much sleep I’ve gotten. On the bright side, I am using my awake time more productively. For instance, I thought a lot about grace this week and started an essay for my Medium channel. Hope to finish it next week. I also remember washing walls and everything hanging on them at 2:00 am last week. Which was really weird. BUT… My house looks so much cleaner. If you don’t think it makes a difference or didn’t know wall washing was a thing, go grab a damp cloth and wash a circle of your wall. Do it right now. I’ll wait. See? You’re welcome. Also, I’m sorry.

Yesterday, I made my first attempt at bone broth, also known as just plain broth. I used four pounds of roasted soup bones, two cups of roasted veggies and a ton of water. Then I let it simmer on the stove for ten hours. Now I have a jar of jellied magic that’s supposed to lift my soups and sauces up to the next level. We’ll see. I made a loaf of buttermilk sandwich bread yesterday, as well… I can’t even describe what my house smelled like. Now THAT’S aroma therapy.

This weekend is going to be busy. We have to finish up the yard, which should only take a couple of hours, get the Christmas stuff down and put away all the summer stuff. I see a run to Goodwill in our near future. We also need to take a truck load of leaves and cuttings to the yard debris and put up our Christmas tree. Holiday cards need to be written out and we need to make some decisions on our schedule the next four weeks. We would like to go to the Powder House next weekend to do some painting and decorating, but I am not sure we are going to have time.

My daughter already decorated her house for the holidays and it looks awesome. Very natural and fresh. Girl has great taste. I’m just not feeling it this year. I usually go all out and throw a series of cocktails for friends and hold a big open house for family, but that’s not happening. My son and his family already had Covid and are coming over on the Sunday before Christmas.  My daughter, who is currently working from home, and her handwashing obsessed boyfriend will also attend, but that’s the extent of our holiday festivities. For someone who loves to throw parties, the whole thing seems a little dismal and more than a little sad. I don’t mean to whine. We’re so incredibly blessed…no one I love has died of the disease and there are so many families who will never spend another Christmas with their loved ones. I know how lucky I have been. So I’ll just shut up now.

We’ll spend Christmas Eve and morning here with Mom and then hubby and I will spend Christmas night alone at the Powder house… we get to pick up Wyatt the next day! I’m really excited and will post pictures as they come in.

I just heard a thud outside, which means that my newspaper has arrived. Happy Saturday, all. Catch you on the flip side!