We got home from the Powder House on Saturday. Like I wrote in my blog, it was a quiet holiday. I told Al when we left that I felt like all I did was drink and cook, which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but not conducive to productivity. I did manage to pull it out by mopping the floors and rearranging the furniture before we left, which helped me feel like I accomplished something besides gluttony.

I conked out at 7:30 Saturday night which led to me getting up at 3:30 Sunday morning. I had a really vivid dream that begs to be a book. It was odd how specific it was… even to the date—1932. The concept is super intriguing, but I am not sure I can do it justice. We shall see. I have other ideas in line before that.

Because I woke up so early, I had a chance to get a head start on the chores that had to happen before I start back to work. I got my weekly to do list done, my menu, the grocery list done by 5:30. Then I started in on the house and managed to mop, dust, clean counters, water plants’ etc. by 7:00.

So, of course, I was back in bed by 8:30.

An hour later, I was up. “Do your damn chores,” I told myself.

Ran errands with my husband—grocery store, Bi-Mart, Harbor Freight and Goodwill. Happy to see everyone wearing masks. Then back to the house where I threw together some pumpkin banana bread, vacuumed and made a chicken pot pie which should last us for several lunches… I’ll be turkeyed out by that time and have elk chili, a meatless pasta dish and a white bean stew planned for the week. Plan on making some French bread for the stew.

The pumpkin bread fell in the middle and I had to scoop out the raw. So angry with myself. THE TOOTHPICK CAME OUT CLEAN, I kept yelling until Al finally told me that I was obsessing. So I whispered it to myself. The flavor is amazing, though, so I’m going to turn it into bread pudding. Maybe add some chocolate chips and whipped cream. Stupid lying toothpick. The turkey potpie was amazing, so that helped. A little.

In spite of a busy productive day, I kept thinking of the things I didn’t finish. I didn’t get the leaves raked out of the front and distributed into the flower beds. I didn’t get the shower/tub cleaned. Didn’t get the litter box cleaned and damn, my walls could use a scrub before I decorate for the holidays.

I wish I had something positive and uplifting to say here about being kind to oneself, but it’s 2020 and I got nothing.

Except that the damn toothpick came out clean.