I attended my first book club meeting the other night as an author and not a participant. The experience was fantastic! I loved discussing Downton Abbey with others–hearing their enthusiasm and answering their questions. It was an experience I would love to repeat!

Unfortunately, as wonderful as it sounds, I can’t fly all over the country attending book clubs, so I came up with an alternative plan…

Free Skype visits with your book club!

The first five book clubs with five or more members who read Summerset Abbey and schedule a Skype visit with me will receive a prize basket from me containing:

  • A package of specialty scone mix
  • Earl Grey tea for each member
  • A Devonshire cream recipe card, (Yummy on scones!)
  • A small jar of specialty jam
  • Various promotional items

Everything you need to have an old-fashioned, Edwardian book club meeting! Please email me for details  at Teri(at)teribrownbooks(dot)com


Calling All Book Clubs! Get a free Skype visit and prizes from @teribrownwrites author of Summerset Abbey! (click to tweet)

How your book club can win a Skype visit and prizes from @teribrownwrites! #summersetabbey (click to tweet)