I am heading off to Book Expo America  this morning via a 4 day stop in Nashville to visit some dear cousins and kidnap one of them on a ride along for my NYC adventures. I have never been and am out of my mind excited. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to work this trip, but publishing production schedules wait for no man, woman or author and I will be doing  a bit of editing on this trip.

It’s been a while since I blogged, too busy with writing and the fact that when spring springs here in the PNA, it’s like a weed stampede. Every year about April, my hubby and I  are overwhelmed by all the yard work. Then we put our nose to the grindstone (I should have posted a cliche alert, eh?) and about Mid June are completely enjoying our lovely yard. This year we have the added bonus (and work) of watching our veggies grow in our garden patch that we added. It’s incredibly satisfying, not to mention feeds the creative well.

Come see me at BEA! I’ll be signing at the Harper Collins booth at noon on Thursday, May 30th!!!!