Basically, February is a continuation of the good work I started in January only sharper and more focused. Without further ado…

  • Continue to attend WW meetings. This is a part of my overall year long focus on being grateful for my body and treating it with more respect.
  • Write the synopsis for Puppet and finishing editing the proposal.
  • Start researching my next adult book.
  • Continue my study of herbs-how to grow and use them.
  • Continue to deepen my meditation practice.
  • Go to Baker City for a long weekend with our besties.
  • Attend the local democratic meeting to start working on the 2020 election. That is going to be one of my focus areas this year.
  • Hit the gym several times a week and remember to do the PT exercises for my shoulder. (More body gratitude stuff.)
  • Finish reading Voyage of the Sable Genius by Robin Coste Lewis and then pick another poetry book for my magical mornings.
  • Continue to change systems at my work to better help my students and streamline the YTP process.
  • Start planning for the Dali Summer launch!
  • Finish reading and working through You Were Born for This by Chani Nicholas.

That’s it. Short month, short list. These lists are easier to make than they used to be because I have put joy at the center of them… what do I need and want to keep living my daily life in a way that has meaning and moments of joy. It’s transformative. Happy week, all!