Last week, I decided that July Fourth would be my own personal Independence Day.¬† My last Fourth of July holiday was spent¬† sick and weak and undergoing brutal radiation treatments. It taught me a thing or two, just as cooking and gardening has taught me a thing or two. So this summer I’m declaring my freedom from the things that hold me back as a woman, a writer, a creative and a human being. I don’t believe that these things will just happen overnight but I hope to keep these resolves in my mind every damn day. So without further ado…

  • I’m declaring my freedom from my inner editor who tells me I can’t write. I believe I’ve proven my merit as a writer, thank you very much, and the next time my inner editor raises her head, I’m going to bitch slap her.
  • I’m declaring my freedom from my inner critic who tells me I’m not worthy, I don’t deserve this, I’m not creative enough, etc. Bullshit. I AM worthy, I do deserve this, I am creative! So bite me.
  • I’m declaring my freedom from my inner Joan Rivers who bashes me every time I look in the mirror. Who is this woman and what is she doing in my head telling me everything that is wrong with the way I look? And at my age, why am I still listening to her? Off with her head!
  • I am declaring my freedom from the guilt I feel over my past failures. Failures teach so I need to learn the lesson, forgive myself, ask forgiveness from others if need be and MOVE ON. No more laying in bed at night, my cheeks burning as Ms. Mcshamey Pants recounts everything I have done wrong since I was three. I have the power to make her disappear and disappear she will!

There, I hold those truths to be self evident and all that. It’s time for an inner revolution. I have too much to accomplish and too much living to do to allow that cast of sadistic characters to rob me of my enjoyment of life and the satisfaction of attaining my goals.