It’s Friday night and I should be sleeping but I don’t want to. I have one last weekend before my regular life starts again and even though I’m looking forward to it, I am also wanting to enjoy every last moment of my holiday time.

I’ve been having trouble with my shoulder the last few months and was afraid I had a micro tear in my shoulder. Got in to see the doctor today and she told me that I had most likely strained a muscle and the other muscles hurt because I’m compensating. I got a shot of cortisol and will be going to PT. I’m just happy it won’t be hurting any more.

In spite of a busy day full of appointments, I managed to meet my husband for lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. I’m obsessed with carnitas tacos right now and this place has some particularly good ones.

Taking a page off my friend Devon Ellington’s blog, I am posting my intentions for January here, then breaking them down weekly. This isn’t a traditional to do list, but more of a creating joy and connection in my life list because it’s only the 3rd day of the new year and the world has taken a decided turn for the worse. So January’s list of intentions is going to be heavy on the things that bring me contentment, satisfaction, joy and, of course, connection.

• Get back into the habit of prepping meals. I love cooking and making sure there is healthy food in the fridge for lunches and the week’s dinners are planned gives me a sense of satisfaction and contentment. So four times this month, prep food for the week.
• Take my YA novel, Puppet out of the proverbial closet, dust it off and go over it. Does the story still excite me? Am I heart-writing or just dialing it in?
• Continue to study plants and herbs and how to grow and use them.
• Create a ritual filled morning of meditation, journaling and poetry. Yes, poetry.
• Get back into a regular fitness routine. Running brings me joy and as I’m currently too out of shape to run, I need to start the baby steps that will get me back up to speed. (No pun intended.) I’m thinking three days a week for the next three weeks and then re-evaluate. And get in my ten thousand steps daily.
• Start attending WW meetings.
• Learn how to make salves, balms and lotions.
• Write two essays for Medium.
• Make out our yearly vacation calendar—Baker City in February, my cousin in Tacoma, my cousin on Whidby Island, my husband’s cousins in San Diego, my aunt and uncle in Davenport, Washington and my husband’s aunt in San Francisco. And figure out how to pay for it all.
• Continue with my activist work. This helps me feel as if I am connected to the wider community in creating a better world for all the grandchildren. I’m cutting back to three days a week to make more time for writing, so I want my activism to be more focused and meaningful.
• Spend a couple hours at the library just browsing and reading. This brings me JOY!
• Talk my daughter into going to the hot springs resort and getting a massage after with me. Shouldn’t be too hard.
• Work through Mel Robbins Best Decade Ever series.

Okay, that is probably enough for January. I may end up revising this a bit as I’m looking to increase my joy and connection, not stress!