It’s Sunday and I haven’t blogged since last Sunday. I was hoping to hit twice a week, but when a week is as heavy as last week’s news cycle was… I let blogging slide with no regrets. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk, write or otherwise make nice.

I’m tired of making nice… and yet, what’s to be gained by allowing myself to slide into anger and recriminations. Nothing. So I’ve pretty much implemented no politics weekends. I try not to read or share, though, there are a few commentators who I will always read and share because the information is vital. But for the most part, I avoid social media that is overtly political. I need the time to rest so that when Monday comes, I’m ready to write the post cards, attend the meetings and make the calls. But the weekend’s rest is vital.

This weekend, rest would be relative. I took off Saturday morning and drove up to Centralia to meet up with an old friend for lunch… like me she’s a writer, like me, she’s lost and found her mojo many times. It was so good to catch up.  We may be critiquing one another’s work again, because we’re both low key about it… plus, she’s really, really good!

I picked up the grandchildren on my way back home… Sweet Pea and Chaos stayed overnight. Sweet Pea, age ten, is a great help with Chaos, age three, but it’s still exhausting. I hate the television and they’re so good about not asking to watch TV and, for the most part, are far too busy to want to watch anyway. Case in point, in the 24 hours that they were here, they helped me make homemade bread and soup for dinner, played candy land and Yahtzee, put together a science kit, read stories, hiked a couple of miles in a nature park, went out to lunch at Subway with Papa and helped me make cream scones for breakfast. No wonder they love to come to gammy and papa’s.

No wonder I’m exhausted.

But it was a nice break from politics and a reminder of why I do what I am doing. There’s nothing quite like a three-year-old stopping in the middle of her play to say, “I love you, Gammy!” to put things in perspective.  On the other hand, while I was reading the directions for the science project, I accidentally said slide the “dick” in instead of “disc” and it was quite disturbing that Sweet Pea practically fell out of her chair laughing. The fact that my ten-year-old baby granddaughter knows what dick means is just so discombobulating…

Next weekend is a long weekend and hubby and I were all set to head east to Baker City and stay a few days with our besties for some rest and relaxation. So of course, the main interstate is closed due to a 100-year flood.

So this week’s intention is acceptance. Knowing when to accept the things I cannot change. Allowing it. If I can’t get to my friends this weekend and have to wait until March, I will survive. Breathe. Accept. Move on.

Have a wonderful week, friends.