Traditionally,  the full moon is about shedding habits and the new moon is about creating intentions/habits. Tonight is a new moon and I’m ready with a slew of new intentions. I’m on the precipice of so many changes that I want to ready myself for them, not like a warrior preparing for battle, but like a shepherd preparing for lambing season–with love, care and nourishment.

Our time on the side of Jay and Annie’s mountain was incredibly regenerative and the air crackled and tingled with new possibilities. My week since then has been filled with small signs that my husband and I are taking steps in the right direction. Together, we’re making changes to enhance and protect our health and exploring options in regards to our eventual retirement and what we want that to look like. But we are cautious people and change takes time and I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m fine with that.

This came across my twitter feed this morning and I thought I would share as it so accurately depicts my political beliefs.


Bernice King knows about love… she’s a living, breathing legacy of love.

Love is also a motivating factor in my life… so much of what I do is prompted by love. Love for my family, love of learning, love of creativity, love for the natural world, love for humanity. I’m even learning to love and care for myself. I love imperfectly, but imperfect love is better than the alternative. All we can do as flawed humans is to actively strive to love more perfectly. Right?

Next week will be busy—I have a ton of meetings at work, (love of humanity) several political activism appointments (love of humanity and the natural world), and of course, the gym and other home/family obligations (self love/care, love of family). Still not writing as much as I would like, but the ideas are there and the urge is returning.

My intentions for the week:

  • Believe in myself
  • Listen to my instincts
  • Listen to others and pay attention to what they don’t say, as well as what they do.
  • Spend some time alone planning
  • Perform five random acts of kindness

Happy new moon, happy week, friends!