I’ve seen more than one post go by not only pooh-poohing New Year’s resolutions, but actually slamming people who make them, calling them stupid or delusional. Let me tell you a little story. In 2006, I made a resolution to get serious about my writing and create a business plan. I kept that resolution. In that business plan, I wrote was how much yearly income I wanted to be generating by 2012. My husband almost fell over laughing and just patted my head. Guess what? Yep, EXCEEDED it.

What’s wrong with reevaluating your life and making goals? We should do it at least once a year, if not more. It is what successful people who want abundance and fulfillment in their life, do. (And by success I do not mean just monetary success!) Yes, making goals and achieving them are two different things, but you have to start somewhere and there is no better place than writing down your goals. So if you have physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, or monetary goals, resolve away! You’ll get nothing but support from me!


My New Year’s Resolutions

  • Run 4 5k races and 1 10k race
  • Write three books
  • Start my own business
  • Submit one completed book and one proposal for sale
  • Explore meditation
  • Improve my public speaking
  • Volunteer for a cause I believe in
  • Cultivate a mindful, daily attitude of gratitude