I’m currently sitting up on the side of a mountain in a house that some of our best friends built. Hubby is off skiing and after a short walk through the snow covered hills, I am sitting in front of a fire, feet up, water at the ready and my puppy lying on the couch. My dearest Annie is reading nearby, toasting her feet in front of the fire. We talk on occasion, but are mostly quiet, matching the silence of the forest that surrounds us. We are miles away from other humans and the solitude is palpable.

As I grow older, I find myself turning more and more to nature to heal and renew. Too much time spent in the city, even a city that I love, makes me anxious and unsettled. I need the relaxation that only communing with the natural world can bring. My only problem is that in my real life, I don’t get this enough. Perhaps I should make the adjustments in my life to make this more of my reality.

That’s it. That’s the blog.