Part of organizing your life is learning exactly what works for you. By trial and error and much money spent on shiny new organizers, I’ve learned that I’m not an organizer kind of girl. I like the idea of them, but the practice always drops off around the middle of February. For a long time I thought this indicated that I was meant to be a flake forever and ever.

I was wrong.

I just had to find the right combination of tools that worked for me. I discovered that I’m a weird combination of tech geek and an old school paper pusher. I don’t know why that’s so surprising—I love reading both hard cover books and on electronic devices. to dos

For my calendar, I use Microsoft Outlook and my android. But my to do lists are done on a sheet of notebook paper that sits on my desk all day. On Sunday I write out what has to be done for the week. Then I make a to do list every morning based on both my calendar, my weekly list, menu, workout schedule and work schedule. The next morning, I toss the previous day’s checklist and start a new one.

My writing schedule is done on a year at a glance calendar and I have a notebook for blog planning. blog planner

For my household cleaning schedule, I use Martha Stewarts free printable check lists, and yes, I have a weekly list and a monthly list. (Hey, don’t judge!)cleaning

I also use notebooks to study and make research notes, though I do my actual research both online and with traditional books.

I think part of the reason why I use paper for so many tasks is that I’m on the computer quite a bit. Sometimes I just like to write stuff down and see it written on an actual sheet of paper. But that’s just me. Maybe the next generation won’t use paper organizing at all… but I think they’ll missing out on the joys that paper and ink can bring, not to mention the trip to the office supply store and all those lovely, brightly covered notebooks….