As many of you know, I have turned into a bit of a workaholic in my old age. Actually, that isn’t quite how to describe it…I want to do all the things. That’s much closer to what’s happened to me. And when I say all the things, I mean it.


I want a garden like Monet’s and a house like Martha’s. I want to cook like David Lebovitz and write like Fitzgerald. I want to teach like Maya and run like Pre. I want to taste, touch, do and be all the time. Life is short and I want to live every moment passionately, completely and fully.

I think this compulsion to do it all has always been inside me, but the bout with cancer really brought it out. I want to cherish life, my loved ones and make a difference. Staying positive in the middle of a world that is falling apart is difficult. But positivity is a choice, a mindset. It isn’t a naïve, Pollyanna thing— it’s the knowledge that deep inside, I can make a difference. I can impact people positively. I can impact the world positively.

But doing all the things can be exhausting.

Sometimes you just need to revive yourself, fill the well, so to speak. Last night, my hubby and I went to a local pub where a classical music quartet was performing. The crowd was mixed— from old people who had heard about the performance on the local classical station, to hipsters who had shown up not knowing the treat they were in for. There were young families who had brought their children to listen to live music and there were several couples like my husband and I, who were raised on rock and had grown to appreciate music in different forms. It was incredible to listen to songs that had been transporting people for hundreds of years. I left the pub feeling refreshed and ready for another week.

Play is so important when you are doing all the things.

So is meditation, diet, exercise and hanging out with like-minded people. You have to feed yourself in order to keep going.  So I wanted to leave you with a few places where I get fed…

Meditation: Headspace. No nonsense, practical, guided meditation with no religious leanings. It’s basically self-relaxation techniques. I love my Headspace.

Mind food: Wild Sister Magazine. Editor in Chief and publisher, Jen, is an amazing woman with a serious mission to change the world, one wild sister at a time. The magazine is gorgeously designed and full of women who want to change themselves and the planet. Oh, and I have an article in there this month.

Music: All Classical Portland is one of the top classical stations in the country and I’m lucky enough to have it right here in my pretty city. When I’m at the gym, I listen to rock, but when I run, it’s all classical, all the time. You can stream it live or get the app for your phone. They are having a fund-raiser right now, but usually it’s just music. And it’s not canned. There are real live knowledgeable DJ’s  on at 3am. Wow.   

Okay, I’m out.  I’ve got to go do all the things!