So I’ve been doing a ton of research on creating an author’s platform, social media marketing, and publicity. I have the pretty site, a very small web presence, (so small it’s more like the lingering fart of a presence than an actual presence) and a blog. I’ve also read quite a few really good books on all of the above and I’ve decided something… I am not that person.  I actually like marketing, but when it comes to pimping my blog and trying to think of relevant things to say in a funny and engaging manner that will drive people to my site and be so impressed they have to buy my books in a robotic stupor, I lay a giant goose egg.  No, honestly, a GIANT GOOSE EGG of MEH.

I don’t always want to blog about the same thing. I don’t want to find a niche. I am not a Chuck Wendig, Joshilyn Jackson, Bob Mayer, Rachelle Gardner, Michael Hyatt or Kristin Lamb.  I can’t roll with the witticisms, offer information vital to the wellbeing of others or grow your damn business, (and if you think someone can grow your business for you, I know a few spammers I can introduce you to). I can’t provide smart commentary on the publishing world, the day’s news events or even how to write a query letter. If you need any of those things you can find them from people far more qualified than I am.

My blog won’t change the world, your life or even your lunch hour.

So from here on out, my blog is going to be about me and what I want to write about on any given day. Sometimes it will be about my garden, because I’m suddenly obsessed with growing food and flowers. Or it might be about cooking because I am out of my freaking mind obsessed with food, (you try eating smoothies for months and see if you don’t develop a food fixation.) Sometimes it’ll be about writing or family or pets or cancer or pollution or spiders. But whatever it’s about, it’s going to be something I care about and something I want to share with you all. And if you all don’t exist, that’s okay too.

I’m good with that.


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