So, so many. So many resisters in our free press have stood to be counted. These rock stars make me feel better just by knowing they’re on the front lines…

Dan Rather

Yes, that Dan Rather. After a less than optimal end to a fine and illustrious career, Rather is seeing a renaissance of his profession via Facebook. His no nonsense, yet encouraging take on current events have helped many, including myself, keep faith in our democracy.

Ezra Klein

Unlike Rather, who came to social media late, Klein, who has worked for the Washington Post and Bloomberg, has always embraced the new media. As Editor in Chief of Vox, he doesn’t just share information on today’s politics, he explains it. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need these complex issues explained.

Rachel Maddow

Maddow is a true rock star. Her tough journalism has shed more light on the administrations dark side than anyone else. Her show has connected the dots so well that someone fed her fake documents so she would lead with a fake news story… that’s how badly someone wanted to discredit her. That tells me that Maddow is getting very, very close to the truth.

Mother Jones Magazine: Pulling no punches about their intent, Mother Jones started the year with an entire issue on how they were going to respond to the new administration—no holds barred—and issue after issue that is exactly what they have done.

Keith Olberman: Say what you will about some of his sources, Olberman’s GQ resistance videos are both informative and entertaining. He calls bullshit on the bullshit and I love when journalists do that.

Trevor Noah: Another comedian/political commentator who uses comedy to call bullshit. I love him.

Teen Vogue: At some point when I wasn’t looking Teen Vogue got “woke” and is delivering issue after issue of political commentary, feminism and activism, showing us just why women of all ages just might be the ones to save the planet.

Other Media Rock Star Resisters:

Jake Tapper

Samantha Bee

Chris Hayes

Joy Reid

Robert Reich

Ana Navarro

Michael Moore