As many of you know, I have become increasingly more political since November 8th. No more half-assed political posturing for me-I want to actually be as informed as I can. I believe our Republic is in jeopardy and we got to this point because of ignorance. I’ll never be caught with my democracy bloomers down again!

As always, in times of trouble, (did anyone else just think of the Beatles there?), I look for guidance from others with more knowledge or experience. I’ve found so many willing to rise up as leaders–to take time out of their lives to resist because it’s important. This list is by no means exhaustive… in fact, if you want to add your own suggestions, please leave a comment. Today is regular Joe day. I’ll do media outlets, journalist and politicians later.

Regular People Who Stepped Up

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin: A whip-smart former lawyer and women’s leadership coach who now does almost daily podcasts that analyzes the news with a definite legal slant. Her brains and positive attitude makes me feel better about the state of the US. (And I have tickets to see her speaking tour here in Portland! Squee!) You can learn more about her work here.

Amy Siskand A recent head-line for the Washington Post said “Trump won and Amy Siskand started a list.” She catalogs a weekly list of the subtle changes going on the changes going on in the US should scare the bejeesus out of everyone who reads it. The work she is doing is EPIC and so is Amy.

Ben Wikler: Ben is the Washington DC director of and his tweets keep me informed. It’s like having boots on the ground in the city where it’s all happening.

Jennifer Hoffmann Another Regular Joe who started a weekly Action List for Democrats and Republicans of Conscience. The list is well researched, compassionate, extensive and includes a list of people to thank for doing the right thing.

It’s Time to Fight Though this is a website rather than a person, I personally know the woman behind it and she’s a rock star. Though she prefers to remain somewhat low key, she’s a political staffer and a total politics geek. Her weekly and daily action lists are invaluable.

Have any regular Joes to add?