I love Saturday mornings. It’s when I look back on the week to see which goals I reached and where I fell short. It’s when I ask myself honestly if my goals are attainable or if I’m holding the bar too high. How did I self-sabotage myself? Are these little goals creating the life I want to live now and the life I want in the future? In the midst of the busy, did I include down time to relax? Did I nurture my important relationships? What did I learn?

Last week I did some ciphering and learned that everything I want to do in a day takes up 22 hours give or take. That includes 7 hours of sleep, working out, food prep and eating, work, commuting, meditation, journaling, homework time, etc. There IS enough time to do what I need to get done, so why am I constantly falling short? I’m thinking social media. Not socializing, really–I realized that I’m reading five or six news articles or essays from various news outlets a day. Something interesting goes by on my feed and CLICK, I’m there. While being informed is important, I think I need to cut back. So that goes down in my goals for next week.

Also, in between a Human Development exam and a Transition Workshop on Thursday, I’m going to beĀ  plotting my next book. I’ve played with and tossed at least a half a dozen ideas because I have to find a concept and characters that compel me enough to fit it into my schedule… and I think I have it. And it’s beautiful and different and its a YA, not an adult.

Also, there’s a total solar eclipse next Wednesday morning that I’d like to see if possible. The weather man says not likely, but you never know!

Also, I have realized that the things hurting my stomach the most are coffee and milk. (Sniffle) So I’m going to try to cut back on my coffee intake and replace milk with cashew or coconut milk. Both of those things go down on the goals for next week.

Also on the list for next week, two IEP meetings, a lab field trip to the coast, and planning a party for my female friends because that’s on my list of intentions for this year… spending more time with my women friends.

Right now, my puppy dog is bringing me tennis balls and tug toys because she knows I’m not getting ready to go to work and she knows what that means. She loves Saturday mornings, too.