It’s been hot here, people, very, very hot.

Actually, I feel a bit ridiculous even saying that because our high nineties heat can’t compare to Vegas, (117? Really?), but I live in the Pacific Northwest. We may not melt in the rain, but we sure as hell do in the heat.  At least those of us who live on the west side of the Cascades do.

I haven’t been blogging lately because I have been busy doing all the things I love to do in the summer…gardening, cooking, yard work, traveling and writing.  I work in my yard about 20 hours a week and am still so far behind it isn’t even funny. We have three short months to get all the outside projects done, plus those inside projects that require ventilation such as painting or stripping and refinishing old furniture.  Three months is not nearly enough time.

But I am seeing the fruits of my labor. My backyard is lovely and we have eaten garden produce several times.  I feel so accomplished!  And look at what I found! Refinishing this little goodwill find (ten bucks!) is one of my summer projects  along with painting a park bench, painting my living room and kitchen and putting in a new kitchen bar area.

goodwill find






As far as writing projects…there are things things happening behind the scenes that I can’t share yet and I am currently way behind on a secret project. Other projects have had to be scrapped because of lack of time, and still others have risen to take their place. I just need to find more hours in the day… if anyone has figured that out yet, let me know, okay???