Resetting is slow.

Before I get into my slow resetting, I wanted to say something about why I’m doing the Summer of Reset. I mean, what’s the point? I think humans need to occasionally reevaluate where they are in terms of their vision and goals. If they’ve veered off the path or if their former vision has changed, they need to recalibrate themselves. This summer, I’m recalibrating, readjusting and fine-tuning.

Day one: Activism in the morning: Called all my Reps about our health care followed up with 30 minutes of cardio, (which I highly recommend as a way of dealing with the frustration at our nation’s current state of affairs). Food wise, I was almost on point. I say almost because I had Cheetos with my lunch salad. (Because all salads call out for crunchy, fake cheese crisps.) I finished the rough of an editorial letter for a client and also cleaned some things that needed cleaning and hadn’t been cleaned since spring term started. (It ended for me on Wednesday) Then I made a fabulous chicken dinner from Cooking Light magazine. And I mixed my rośe with calorie free tonic water. That cuts calories, correct?

Day two: Activism in the morning. 45 minutes of PIYO, (A pilates/yoga workout that hurts everything), and a two mile walk with my dog. I worked on my own writing, (YAY), and went to work. Food was not on point. In addition to my shakeology, salad and healthy snacks, I had two Rice Krispy treats, a small chocolate pudding, more Cheetos, (which are satanic), and two pale ale beers from Terminal Gravity. (If it’s pale, it means light, right?) One of the best parts of the day came at twilight when after playing with my dog in the backyard, I lay on the grass and stared up at the trees blowing in the wind. I acknowledged the perfect moment in the moment that it was happening which made it more perfect.

Day three remains to be seen. I did meditate, which is good.

Things I have gleaned so far:

  • Summer of reset has confirmed my love for Headspace. I wrote this on Facebook, “Great meditation this morning…was contemplating the “loop”. How angry thoughts fuel angry emotions and how angry emotions fuel angry thoughts. It’s the same with sadness, guilt, shame, hopelessness, etc. It perpetuates itself. I’ve been aware of this loop for years which is why I give my emotions the side eye. It saddens me how many people are caught up in this cycle without being aware of it. That loop can destroy lives. The trick for me is to spot the loop while it’s happening and use distraction techniques to circumvent it. I acknowledge the emotion, try to trace it to its root and then try to move on. The meditation I’m doing helps”
  • Decluttering means getting rid of things in your life that aren’t working any more or just taking up space and energy. This can mean items, beliefs or even relationships. I’m going to be doing lots of decluttering this summer.
  • I’m trying to add to my Gratitude Jar daily. My hubby and I started this tradition four or five years ago and we really like it. Every time we think of something we’re grateful for, we put it on a sticky and into the jar. On Thanksgiving Weekend, we pour ourselves some really good pinot and read them aloud. We always put the dates on them so we know what part of the year they were from. Sometimes I forget to do it for a month or more at a time so I am trying to remind myself to do it more often this summer.
  • I am really, really sore, but so far I am persisting.