For anyone who works in education, the first full week after winter break is typically brutal. Teachers and students both have gotten into poor sleeping patterns and most of us are cranky. Then there’s the heavy load of resolutions, goals and intentions we’re carrying around. Not a good combination. But my week was pretty okay. Better than okay, actually. If it hadn’t been for the state of the world, it would have been stellar, but it can only be so good with our current administration.

But… one of my students graduated early this week and gave me this:

So, yeah, my week included happy crying, as well as angry, current events crying. It’s gratifying to know that my hard work makes a difference.

Thursday night’s Weight Watchers was actually awesome. It’s a good group of educators. Of course, we went out for a beer after, but I am happy to report I chose the hummus plate over the Bavarian pretzel and fondue. So I’d call it a draw. And the beer was Barley Brown’s Ratchet Strap, so worth the points.

I’m working on an essay for Medium on being grateful for the body. I need to hone and sharpen the thesis before getting to the nitty gritty, but it’s percolating.

One of the things that has kept the week from being too long is my magical mornings. Remember how I used to have a routine that would “power up” my day? Yeah, I don’t do that anymore. I do some of the same things (journaling and meditating), but the point of my mornings is no longer to be as productive as possible, it’s to create as many magical, loving, creative moments in my day as I can because all of those moments strung together make up a life. Hurrying on to the next moment wastes the moment you are in and that can end in a life that hasn’t been enjoyed or meaningful. So magical mornings that set me up for a day that is mindful of each moment is my new intention and in addition to the aforementioned journaling and meditating, include gratitude, poetry and dreaming big. Totally worth the hour. So my week, while long and tragic, was good.

Last night, the hubby and I cooked a lovely dinner of salmon with crostinis and quinoa and roasted pepper salad and washed it down with a glass of white. Mom tactfully retired soon after so we could spend some quality time together finishing up the bottle of wine and doing some planning for the next decade, a decade that will see his retirement and some big changes.

My intention for the week was to get rid of some of the minutia and that totally happened. My word for the year is connection and that is going well on all fronts. Enjoy your weekend, people! I’m going to enjoy mine!