So one of the things I would like to do in my final third is learn a martial art. I really don’t know much about them except it looks like a really cool, tough way to keep in shape. It also addresses the things that all of us in our final third should all be aware of–balance and flexibility. I won’t have time for karate or kickboxing classes in the near future but I plan on doing it at some point.

My friend, author April Henry already has.

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And she’s pretty bad ass at it,  actually.

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And here’s what April has to say about her love for martial arts:

A few years ago, I took a kickboxing class that was really fun. The instructor had a black belt in kajukenbo, and he started up a mini kajukenbo school at our gym. I joined because I loved the feeling. Some grappling/Brazilian jiujitsu, (BJJ), was always part of our requirements, but then our teacher began offering formal BJJ four times a week – and I go all four!

In terms of self-defense, kung fu is fairly practical, BJJ even more so. Almost all fights will end up on the ground, if they are serious. I can now take care of myself, especially if my attacker hadn’t studied any martial arts.

It’s also good for me as someone who writes mysteries and thrillers. I have even worked through scenarios of what a character could do if, say, they were being dragged out to the woods. Martial arts teaches you about fighting back, how to read a person’s thoughts (like where they are going to hit you) and how to cope with a certain level of violence.

If you are interested in martial arts, I would observe or try out several schools to find one where you like the instructor and students. Many schools will offer a free week or something similar. Look for someplace that will meet you were you are – not demand that you be some whirling dervish. I would highly recommend Check your ego at the door and you will learn a lot!BJJ Tournament april looks dominant








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