When thinking about the final third, I think it’s important to remember to really look at the items on your bucket list. Why is it there? What are your motivations? I already shared that I want to learn another language and outlined my reasons why. When I first decided to put it on the list I gave it some serious thought, (especially since it would take such a huge chunk of my final third!)

Do I want to learn a language because that’s what I truly want or do I want to learn it because cultured people know more than one language and I want other people to consider me cultured? It’s that old conundrum– the difference between what I appear to be and who I truly am. Is this item on my bucket list because I really want to do it, or is it there because I want other people to see me doing it?

I love social media and use it often, but I think it has exacerbated that problem. Do I like to cook fancy food while drinking wine and listening to classical music because that’s who I truly am or is it because I share it on facebook so people think that’s who I am.

See the problem?

(And, actually, those things are my delight so it’s part of the real me)

Am I being me or do I simply want people to think it’s me is a question I thought long and hard about when I put this item on my bucket list.

I want to walk in a cap and gown in a large auditorium and have someone hand me a college degree.


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an educational rebel. I wrote about alternative methods of education. I homeschooled my kids, for crying out loud. I think outside the box. Why am I going all traditional now?

I am also fairly accomplished in the industry of my choosing. I have a job that I love. Why on earth would I go to the expense and effort to obtain a college degree? Is it because I want a college degree or is it because I want to be one of those women who go back to school and people think it’s really cool?

I think it comes down to what I want to do in my final third. I am a writer and an author and I will always be those things. But it’s not all I want to be. I want to play in academia. Test my own metal with others. I love to learn and research and a college degree will provide both of those things. I also love to teach and I want to teach on the college level. I love to travel and I think it will help me do that, as well. So yes, I want to get my Bachelors and I want to get my Masters.

And again…. I need to start that now!!


Photo courtesy of Scottchan and freedigitalphotos.net