My weekend was busy and lovely and I got to do many things I wanted to. I love intentional housecleaning, so I did it by making a lovely herbal wash for my hearth. I love my home and cleaning it makes me feel good inside. My kitchen table is a lovely 100-year-old craftsman that we picked up in a vintage shop and I polished it this weekend until it gleamed. Old stuff makes me happy!

I also prepped my lunches (Ikarian stew), my husband’s lunches (ham and beans left over from last night’s dinner), and chopped veggies which I’ll roast tonight and have with a skirt steak and chimichurri. The veggies will become tomorrow night’s soup.

I also polished and posted a story on Medium called Not the Mama: Pain Joy and Judgement. Heart writing about motherhood was really hard for me. I feel like I am showing my heart to the world in a very real way. I hope you check it out.

I also finished my first book of the year, Haiku Morning by Sonia Sanchez. Gorgeous.

Back to my regular work schedule today which seems daunting after two weeks of flexing my hours. Taking a page from my friend Devon Ellington, I’m going to put out a weekly intention here. This week’s intention is to be mindful of the minutia that is weighing on me. Little things I haven’t taken care of. Like signing my mom up on her online medical site to make it easy for both of us to check appointments. I have a writer friend I owe postage money to. I have to call PT and write a letter of recommendation. That kind of little stuff that adds up and weighs you down. I know I’ll feel less anxious once this stuff is taken care of!

Have a good week all!