Determined: Fully committed to achieving a goal


Determine, determined, determination. These are the words that set the achievers apart from dreamers. You decide, (another great D word), what it is you want, what your goals are, and then you determine to achieve them. It’s not alchemy that helped me achieve my dream of becoming a published novelist and it wasn’t other people, (though I do believe in and am blessed to have a strong support network), it was my own determination. After I decided that that was what I was going to do, for real (instead of just talking about it), I bent all my energy, all my emotions, all my intellect and all my body to achieving that goal.

It took years.

There are no shortcuts.

Once you have decided, you have to keep on keeping on, with hundreds of little decisions. I made the determination every day to do it. I decided to work on days I would have rather chilled. Even now, every time I make the decision to watch reality TV, I’m aware that I could be doing something to further my life goals.  That’s not to say that I’m a workaholic, I’m not. Reading, for instance, helps me achieve my goal of being well rounded and it’s a joy besides. Gardening,  cooking and running all help achieve my goal of physical health.

I believe in down time, I just don’t believe in wasting time. Big difference.

Action: This week, I will try to jot down the times I have a choice to either waste time or utilize time just to see how often that decision comes up.



Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/