Flexible: Capable of being readily changed. Fluid. Adaptable.


One of the perks of getting older is that you can see the long term consequences of certain attributes or the lack thereof. Flexibility is one of those character traits that people don’t  think about much, but over the years I’ve noticed that people who are flexible are the happiest and most successful.  Life is always throwing us curve balls. People who have the most flexibility dodge, duck, or take the hit straight on and then throw back. The inflexible take valuable life time to run about in circles and bemoan the hit, wondering if life as they know it is over.

It ain’t over till it’s over, people.

Flexibility allows you to absorb the shock and move on. A little wiser, a bit more cautious, perhaps, or maybe even in a direction you hadn’t expected. Once, during a routine physical, my doctor remarked on my flexibility. “You’re nice and bendy,”she said. “That’s really important as you age.”


Action: Practice juking.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles  and freedigitalphotos.net.