Genuine: Being exactly as it claims or appears. Authentic.


There are certain events in life that strip away all your defenses and leaves you being authentically and genuinely you. I don’t want to negate the growth that occurred before 2012 because that encompasses most of my life, but 2012 was definitely a banner year for accelerated personal growth.

2012 was the year I was diagnosed with throat cancer and wrote four books on deadline.

Everything was stripped away layer by layer that year and I learned a whole lot about myself. How tough I actually am. How tenacious. How vulnerable. I’ve always thought of myself as a straightforward person. I also thought I knew myself well. Turns out I didn’t know myself as much as I thought I did. Turns out I’m a whole lotta strong.

I have to work every day to remain genuine. To remain true to myself and to who I am. To write from that real place. Only by doing that can I truly be of service to others.

Action: Think before reacting to a situation. Is my reaction reaction from the authentic me or from my ego?