I am delighted and humbled to have New York Times  best selling author Brenda Novak as a guest on my blog today talking about her cause, diabetes. To  date,  she’s  raised  $2.4  million  through  her  annual  online  auctions,  most  of  which  has  benefited  the  cure focused  work  of  the  Miami based  Diabetes  Research  Institute.  But  Novak  is  changing  her  approach  to  fundraising  for  2015.  She’s published  her  very  first  cookbook LOVE  THAT!  BRENDA  NOVAK’S  EVERY  OCCASION  COOKBOOK  ($9.99  in  digital  and  $24.99  in  print).  She’s  also  curated  three  limited  edition  digital  box  sets  filled  with  brand  new  stories  from  some  of  today’s  most  popular  authors.  The  proceeds  from  all  three  box  sets  and  the  cookbook  will  go  to  research.

For  Novak,  fundraising  is  a  labor  of  love  and  a  concentrated  effort to  find  a  cure  for  her  son,  who  has  lived  with  diabetes  since  he  was  five  years  old. The  Diabetes  Research  Institute,  a  center  of  excellence  at  the  University  of  Miami  Miller  School  of  Medicine,  is  a  recognized  world  leader  in  cure focused  research.  Since  its  inception  in  the  early  1970s,  the  DRI  has  made  significant  contributions  to  the  field  of  diabetes  research,  pioneering  many  of  the  techniques  used  in  islet  transplantation.










Why is giving back so important to you?

I think it’s essential to living a fully balanced life. Running my charity has been a challenge at times, but it’s also been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Why is diabetes research such a passion of yours?

When my son was diagnosed at just five years old, and I learned the terrible side effects he’d likely face in his lifetime, I had to do something. I knew I could not stand idly by and watch him suffer. Not only that, but the statistics for diabetes are alarming. It’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem as time goes by.

You can check out more about Brenda’s work  and purchase her cookbook and boxed sets at www.brendanovakforthecure.org