So the Summerset Abbey blog tour continues. I now know why authors say only do three weeks maximum–it’s because it’s difficult to keep up energy and momentum for that length of time. I’ve learned a great deal from the launch of Summerset Abbey concerning publicity and most of this I will be writing into sort of a report to myself. Things I don’t want to forget for the next launch which is in less than two months. *panics*

First off, I have learned to think both locally and nationally. Not only what can I do to promote my book locally, (visits, signings, book clubs, etc.), but nationally, as well, (reaching out to librarians, Skype, getting to know prominent independent booksellers.) I have also learned that I need to pace my efforts… we will see how successful I am at this in the coming weeks. But looking at my calendar, my question should be: How can I sell xxx number of books, that week?

I can see that some weeks are more promo heavy than other weeks. For instance, in the second week of February, I am doing a big promotional blog give away, am the special guest at a reader’s tea given by bestselling author, Jane Porter, and am participating in a twitter chat and give away for 30 Second Mom. That’s awesome for the second week, but what about the first week of February or the third? How can I sell xxx number of books, that week?

One idea is to do mailings that week, both email and snail mail. Another is to form a marketing group with four or five other published authors and hold meetings to exchange ideas. I could also reach out to authors whose books are similar to mine. Will it be successful? Who knows! I just know that marketing and promoting your book is far better than refreshing your numbers every fifteen minutes!

So what do you think? How will you sell books this week? Or if you’re a reader, what gets you interested in a book?