So I have a lot of friends who get super political in the social media arena. They scream their politics from the rooftops, alienating those who might hold a different view. While it’s no secret that I’m a feminist, I generally try not to get too political. Why? Because I really don’t like making people feel like crap for having their own beliefs and most political memes use shame to try to change people’s opinions.

I’m not into shame or bully tactics.

Most of the memes, news articles or editorials I share are aimed at making people think. Because honestly, I don’t care if you think the same way I do about certain issues, I just care that you THINK.

Plus, as many people know, I’ve been on both sides of the political fence. I did the conservative thing and I’ve done the liberal thing… as people grow, they change and that’s okay. For instance, I didn’t used to consider myself a feminist because I’d been played into thinking that feminism was a one issue platform. It’s not… like most of the important issues we face, it’s difficult to condense feminism into a meme. I allowed myself to be played, to spout platitudes against my better judgement because I wasn’t THINKING.

See why thought is so important to me?

Much of today’s media has resorted to scare tactics and serve up screaming headlines because that’s how they make their money… Listen to me! Listen to me! And while you’re doing so, watch, listen or click on that advertisement that pays our bills, salaries and keeps the shareholders happy. Of course, I believe those tactics have divided Americans into two increasingly strident camps. It’s as if respectful discourse is no longer an option in American politics.








So while I care about politics, there is a long list of things I care more about. Things like:

  • Homelessness
  • Equal education for the sexes
  • Childhood hunger
  • Anti-bullying
  • The environment
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Human rights
  • The ethical treatment of animals

If you can put an end to childhood hunger, keep Oregon green, or promote equal education for women, I don’t give a shit what side of the political fence you’re on, I am all over it.

I also care about my readers, no matter what side of the political fence they are. I wantt o make people think, I don’t want to tell them what to think…

And that’s why I rarely post political memes, or opinions. Everything has become so either or… and life just isn’t like that, is it?



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