Number four in my hybrid authors series is Lauren Oliver. Yes, the Lauren Oliver. We happen to be agency sistahs! laura

When  Lauren isn’t writing best selling books, she is the co-founder  and co-architect of Paper Lantern Lit. What is Paper Lantern Lit?  From the website:

PLL is a literary incubator. We come up with story ideas, we plot them using our knowledge and experience with narrative structure, and we coach authors through the writing process. Like architects, we envision, design and layout all the basics of a book, but it’s our writers who inhabit them and bring them to life. When a project is ready, we sell it to one of the publishing giants. So far our sales record is 100%.

In one interview, Lauren said she had too many ideas that didn’t fit in with her particular brand as an author and that was one of the reasons she started Paper Lantern Lit.

What do you get out of PLL? What kind of personal satisfaction do you get, etc.

 I love working with young writers and helping them grow; I’ve been so lucky to have been educated by so many brilliant and talented people, and it was important to me to return the favor. Plus, PLL allows me to explore other creative opportunities and collaborations–if I didn’t have PLL, I’d literally just sit in my house in PJs all day!

Do you think that there are more opportunities for authors to branch out in today’s publishing climate than there used to be? (Both writing wise and other chances to make a living?) Why or why not?

I definitely do! The incredible rise of self-publishing, and the variety of small and untraditional publishing houses and opportunities, give authors multiple platforms in which to start disseminating their work. Plus, it’s easier than ever to connect with fans, which means authors can grow and maintain their audience more successfully.