Greetings my totally righteous readers!

So I was all set to do a blog on branding and and ask a few questions from those who have read Summerset Abbey. But then things got complicated. Yes, insanity just reached a whole new level in my life.

Many of you know how I had four books due in less than a year and then I got cancer and had to go through treatments…No? Well, you can read a nice version of it here. (I say “nice” version because I have a much grittier version of the events coming out next week.)

Anyhoo, on March 28th I turned in the last book, did a happy dance and had expected to be able to breathe, but after successfully juggling and planning for the last 10 months, I ended up having a March to end all Marches. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Writer’s Digest article due
  • Revisions for two books due
  • Three book signings (You can see where I’ll be here)
  • Travel to San Francisco
  • Book Launch of Summerset Abbey: A Bloom in Winter

And I have learned something really important about myself during the past year… I THRIVE on this stuff! Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all this, I got a shot of adrenaline. HOW SICK IS THAT? Now, granted, I will probably do a lot of whining, but now YOU know the TRUTH.


Okay, book launch.

Tomorrow, I’ll be participating in a Goddess Fish Book Blast in honor of the launch of my gorgeous book, A Bloom in Winter. In the morning, I’ll post all participating blogs to visit and one lucky poster will win this!

whimsical adult set

This is a 4 piece Whimsical Butterfly Tea set, handcrafted by artist April Cook. Made with white stoneware slip and painted with a unique, whimsical butterfly design in lime green and plum glaze. It is both dishwasher and microwave safe. The set includes a 32 oz. tea pot with lid, creamer and sugar bowl. (Sadly, only US commenters eligible to win it) You can see more of April’s work here.


Tea and Summerset Abbey books? How perfect is that? Good luck!

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March, Tea, and tomorrow’s Summerset Abbey: A Bloom in Winter’s launch party! Check out @teribrownwrites blog at!    (Click to Tweet!)