The weekend was good, though not nearly as restful as I had hoped. I really wanted to deep clean my house. I got quite a lot accomplished on Saturday afternoon, but watched my grandchildren in the afternoon and was so tired after that I couldn’t get back into the swing of things. Sunday is all about kitchen magic and as we had company to watch the football game in the afternoon, I needed to get the grocery shopping done early. I’m glad I did as hubby had to get a couple of items that I had forgotten and Sunday madness had ensued made worse by the forecast of snow. I made Moroccan stew for my lunches, and cinnamon rolls, salmon dip, blue cheese dip and wings for the big game. Which we lost, but we had a good time anyway, so no matter.

This week intention is vulnerability/openness. I always strive to be open when I’m working with students. It’s the only way to know what they really need. Listening intuitively instead of thinking about my to do list, is the only way to do my job effectively. Because my word for the year is connection, I’ve been thinking a lot about how being open, being vulnerable, is the only way to true connection with others, whether it’s my students, co-workers, or family. Being open and vulnerable is even connected, (see what I did there?), to my community activism. Openly allowing myself to feel the pain and joy of others gives me a impetus to carry on.

I haven’t finished all my Mel Robins Best Decade Ever homework, but am close. Last week was all about dreaming big and I’m surprised by what I’ve unearthed. Speaking of dreaming big… I haven’t opened my novel yet this month but I think this is a good week to do it. I’m a little worried by that…. what if it’s no good at all? What if I’m no longer in love with it? Deep breaths. Talk about vulnerability! Onward!