Today my family got together to remember my father who passed away on Memorial Day at the age of 98. We had a picnic, which is fitting, because dad was known to drop everything and travel for miles for a good picnic. While I was helping mom go through the storage a couple weeks ago, I came across a little medical container of polished rocks that dad had collected out in the Arizona desert. I decided to make all his children and grandchildren a pendant that could be hung on a ribbon or a chain or even a key chain. I’m not crafty, but I think they turned out pretty well.





I also wrote a poem that I will share here for my family who couldn’t make it today… it’s not really a poem, more of a word picture, really, but I think it represents my father well.








Itchy Foot

Sage brush roamer
Garden grower
Rock collector
Baby holder

Home builder
Wood worker
Epic sneezer
One line teaser

Fish catcher
Picture taker
Flirty winker
Itinerate tinker

Wood stove welder
Book reader
Frisbee flinger
Terrible singer

Bloody Mary sipper
Contagious chuckler
Happy traveler
Problem unraveler

Margarita drinker
Lively thinker
Novelty buyer
Sentimental crier

Lyle George Foreman

7/10/1916- 5-25-2015

dad 2