This is my summer of reset. I’m almost done with the revisions on a book that will go out this fall and it’s the best thing I have ever written, I’ve cut back my school hours and while I’ll be busy as all get out, it will be stuff I love doing. I’m still fighting every day for the country I love. I’m getting my nutrition, physical fitness and weight back under control.

I think the big thing that set this off is my new job. I’ll be a Youth Transition Specialist for the Tigard/Tualatin School district and I am thrilled and overwhelmed and so, so eager to get started. I felt deep down that I needed a new challenge. I’m still in school and I’m still writing and doing developmental edits on the side, but I just felt as if there was something else out there for me and lo and behold! The circumstances surrounding how I landed the job show me that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. For those of you who don’t know, YTP is a program that works with Vocational Rehabilitation to transition learning disabled kids from school to vocational school or employment. I’ll be mentoring, job coaching, helping them to write resumes and navigate transportation, and teaching other life skills needed to make a successful transition into adulthood. Everything in my skillset led me to this point.

To make room for a full time job, (only ten hours in the summer), I’ve given up my teaching job at Portland Community College’s noncredit program. I am, of course, going to finish my own education. After this summer, I’ll have 18 credits left for AA degree and at that point I’ll reevaluate how far I want to go.
I think the news that I passed my math class on top of a fabulous new job gave me the feeling that I can do anything. Like I’m Wonder Woman. I’m cutting the clutter from my life— both figuratively and literally. It’s time to get rid of the deadwood holding me down and making this a true summer of reset.

I can hardly wait!