So I thought after the wedding and the kitchen remodel, (which isn’t exactly DONE, but done enough, if you know what I mean), that my life would calm down and things would go back to “normal”. Except of course, I don’t know what normal is anymore and either my life is still insane or my brain is losing the capacity to deal with every day occurrences.

But no matter, I want to take a minute and fill you in on the exciting things that are happening in Teri Land.

  1. The big news is that I’ve sold another book! No details right now, but I should be able to formally announce it sometime next week. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.
  2. I was asked to speak at The Dalles Middle School! I am doing an anti-bullying workshop… this makes me incredibly happy!
  3. I will be volunteering for NANOWRIMO in a very cool and unique way. More details to come on that, as well.
  4. The cover for Born of Deception is almost ready for its reveal. It is so… I can’t even. No words!
  5. I am collaborating with Professor Schrieber, a historical conjuror, on a historical/literary program for schools. It’s going to be EPIC and like nothing that has ever been done!
  6. I was contacted by the head of the arts department for our local community colleges community education program  about  teaching novel writing.
  7. I applied for a residency in the Puget sound and should hear back in mid November.
  8. I am expanding my web presence and will be putting out a real newsletter… again, details to come!

All these exciting things are making it difficult to focus on writing, but focus I must. I’m putting the finishing touches on my Born of Corruption novella, researching my BIG novel, and outlining the book I just sold. I will continue to update the blog and check back next week for my official, official announcement!